Giving back to the community is something that Aspire Business Solutions has always valued. Aspire has always taken an active role in the community whether its time or money. Currently, we are sponsoring youth sports and charities that promote an active lifestyle. Please refer to the links below to learn more about our community involvement

World Parkinsons Program

World Parkinson’s Program is a Canadian based non-profit, global organization with the mission of improving the lives of all those affected with Parkinson’s disease directly or indirectly. Our objectives include promoting EDUCATION, providing SUPPORTIVE SERVICES and ADVOCACY for Parkinson’s patients and caregivers around the world. We aim to reach every individual across the world who has been affected with Parkinson’s disease to educate them in their own language, provide supportive services as well as to advocate for them at the local and global level.



Islamic Relief works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and provide vital emergency aid when disasters occur.

IRC helps the impoverished access basic services, including educationwater and sanitation, as well as healthcare. IRC provides lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable development schemes. Our integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.



The Markham Town Basketball Association (MTBA) is a not-for-profit, indoor basketball organization aimed for those aged 16+. Our vision promises a safe, organized and professional environment where players can showcase their skills and take an active role to grow as individuals and leaders.



MMBHA is a non-profit organization under the direct supervision of the Islamic Society of Markham. MMBHA is a ball hockey league targeting players from ages 11 to 16. This organization runs a spring-based Outdoor Season as well as an all-new winter-based Indoor Season. It promises to be an exciting and memorable experience for all the players, parents and volunteers that partake in it. We hope to unite the community under the shadow of athletic competition, sportsmanship and most importantly brotherly love for each other.


AK Foundation

Every child deserves a happy, healthy childhood and the chance to build a brighter future. For many of the 150 million orphans trapped in poverty around the world, this is simply out of reach. The Amir Khan Foundation has joined forces with local teams to support soup kitchens and food banks to provide everyday food items and warm clothing to families struggling with poverty. Aspire Business Solutions had contributed towards the AK Foundation to invite him over to talk about his foundation and inspire the youth in the Markham Community.



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